100% Natural Food Grade Oil


With a unique blend of aromatic oils

Scandia is the largest and oldest American manufacture of sauna and steam room equipment


            Extend the wood-life of your sauna and enhance the bather’s experience with Scandia Sauna Wood Oil.
            is a natural, organic, non-toxic blend of aromatic oils. This unique blend has been proven to be both                          safe and very effectivewhen used as directed.



This oil is for use on all interior wood surfaces of your sauna. Regular use of Sauna Wood Oil will enhance your sauna experience through the restoration of the wood's original aroma as well as extend the life of your sauna by increasing its resistance to pests and mildew.


This product is for use only on the wood components of the sauna i.e. interior walls, ceiling, benches and floor slats. Do not place this product on the heater, the rocks on the heater or the heater elements. Do not heat  the sauna above 200 F as it can damage the sauna and cause severe personal injury. The flash point of this product is 385 F.

(1) Use with adequate ventilation. (2) Store in a dry ventilated area. (3) Wash hands after use. (4) On spillage, eliminate ignition sources, avoid breathing vapors, use absorbent material to clean up the area and transfer to a closed container. (5) Avoid smoking while using this product. (6) Avoid prolonged or repeated skin contact.


Direction for Use


Pre-heat Sauna to 90 F (32 C)

Step 1

Apply Oil with Brush

Step 2

Heat to 160 F for 1 hour (71 C)

Step 3

Shake vigorously for 5 minutes before application. Preheat the interior of the sauna to about 90 F. The surface must be clean and dry. Apply directly from the bottle, in the direction of the grain, with a natural bristle brush. DO NOT THIN with any toxic or non-toxic thinning agents. After applying the oil, heat the sauna to about 160 F for 1 hour, then let it cool prior to reheating for use.

Application rates will vary with surface texture, porosity and method of application. If the sauna is old and has never been treated, Apply the product generously. Less product will be needed if the sauna is new or has been previously treated with Sauna Wood Oil. Overlapping during application will not cause lap marks. one gallon will cover approximately 600 to 800 sq. ft. of surface area.